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Mouth ulcers are painful sores that appear in the mouth. Although they're uncomfortable, they’re usually harmless and most clear up by themselves within a week or two. Mouth ulcers are common and can usually be managed at home, without seeing your dentist or GP. Visit your pharmacist first, unless your ulcer has lasted longer than three weeks. What does a mouth ulcer look like? Mouth ulcers are usually round or oval sores that commonly appear inside the mouth on the: cheekslipstongue They can be white, red, yellow or grey in colour and swollen. It's possible to have more than one mouth ulcer at a time and they may spread or grow. Mouth ulcers shouldn't be confused with cold sores, which are small blisters that develop on the lips or around the mouth. Cold sores often begin with a tingling, itching or burning sensation around your mouth. When to see your pharmacist, dentist or GP Mouth ulcers can be painful, which can make it uncomfortable to eat, drink or brush your teeth. It…

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